Being born and  raised in Brazil, along with the particular experiences Noemia Marinho had during her childhood and teenage years, has instilled within her a necessity to use everything there was available, any and all resources, to their uttermost end. The idea of never throwing away things and creatively re-utilizing them has become the central value of her daily practices. This led her to explore the aesthetic possibilities of various objects that have lost their original purpose and are in the process of being discarded. These objects could be used plastic bags, food containers, broken glass, tea bags, aluminum foil.  “Many of our human experiences evolve from “trash”, whether from inside our own selves, or from our fellow human beings. I am in search of the eternal and beautiful. I see in these materials a metaphor for resurrection, where a new nature grows out of the old one”. Thus, she works with the tension between the old and the new, the old purpose and the new status, the old narrative and a new story.


Noemia Marinho has been living and working in the NYC area for the past few years. As a self-taught artist, she discovered art later in her life. After participating in group shows in the NYC area, she had her first solo exhibition in Yonkers, NY.

An expert in Brazilian business practices and culture, she has an MA in Cross Cultural Studies and a major in Education. While living in Brazil, she led the Sponsorship Department of a large nonprofit organization – Compassion International.